The following are examples of package pricing, please contact me for an estimated quoted price that matches your requirements.
These are not quotes, actual prices are subject to the specifications and material that is to be used. 
All packages do not include sanitary wares, light bulbs, lighting, etcetera.
No GST will be charged.


Sample 1


Carpentry works 

Top & bottom and low island cabinets 

Counter top and crystal tempered glass backsplash 

Full height shoe cabinet 

Full height wardrobe

3 solid timber doors with wood trimming

High wall at master bathroom

Wall mounted sink and tap

Roller blinds

Flooring and wall works

Laying floor tiles including skirting at living, dining and 3 bedrooms

Floor tiles in kitchen, plastering of walls

Laying floor tiles in 2 toilets

Installation of cabinet and fridge base

Ceiling works

False ceiling and L box in living room

Plastering ceiling of the whole house


Aluminium sliding window and grille in living room

Grilles in 3 bedrooms

Full height aluminium sliding door and grille in balcony

Aluminium louver swing door in master bathroom

Aluminium swing door with wire mesh glass in common bathroom

Metal gate at the entrance

Running cold stainless steel pipe in the kitchen

Cold and hot pipes in 2 bathrooms

Replacement of rubbish chute

Extension of kitchen top and bottom cabinets

Additional charges for tiles

Painting works

Painting the whole house

Hacking works

Living, dining and 3 bedroom flooring, kitchen wall tiles, entrance wall, existing cabinets, bedroom doors, cornice in living room, dismantling air con compressor

Electrical works

Estimated cost: SGD 80-90k

Sample 2

5 room HDB 

Carpentry works 

L shaped top and bottom cabinet

Full height kitchen cabinet pocket door

Full height feature wall (Dining & master bedroom)

Cresto quartz-9201 counter top

Tempered glass backsplash

Study table with hanging cabinet with backing

Full height shoe cabinet cum store door

L shaped full height wardrobe in laminate finishing

Low headboard and storage bed

Full height wardrobe

No wet works

Electrical works

Estimated cost: SGD 35-40k

Sample 3

Office space

Carpentry works

Long writing desk with storage area at viewing room

Platform cum cabinet for sound system at viewing room

L shaped top and bottom cabinet with a long ledge at pantry area

Partition and ceiling works

Constructing a 75 mm hollow partition using gypsum board for viewing and discussion rooms,

Including Director's room, pantry room and main entrance

Patch up a portion of the existing grid ceiling

One way mirror

Tempered glass with sliding door at Director's room

Air conditioning works

Daikin split system for viewing, discussion and Director's room, workstation and main entrance

Electrical works

Installing a TPN 63 Amp main DB box

13 Amp double point sockets

20 Amp SPN isolator for airconditioning

Running Cat 5E telephone & 6E data cables

Lighting points for exit light and emergency lights

Flooring works

Laying of selected carpet at viewing and discussion room, vinyl flooring at Director's room, workstation and entrance area.

Painting works

Painting of walls and partitions using emulsion paint

Fire Protection System

PE Filing Fees, Insurance policies

Submission of electrical fees

Submission/Filing fees

Estimated cost: SGD 90-95k


Our furniture is made to last and of good quality. Contact me for a site measurement and inspection that is chargeable. 

We differentiate and pride ourselves from companies offering stock packages which are not customizable.

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